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Proudly Offering the Highest Quality & Affordable Carpet Cleaning Services in Northern Cincinnati

Do you have dirty carpets in your home or business? If you’re unsure, it will be smart to take a quick look. Your carpets often neglected to the point where they look nothing like they did when you first purchased it. But we have the solution for you! ProDry Carpet Care is your trusted carpet cleaning company in our local area. Don’t only take our word for it. See why so many of your friends and neighbors feel the same way by viewing our Google Reviews!

How we Earn Our Top Rated Credentials

Becoming a trusted and reputable carpet cleaning company is no secret. All is takes is years of providing the highest levels of quality services to each and every customer. That’s the exact recipe that we’ve done to have earned such a great reputation in the Cincinnati area.

Our well-trained carpet cleaning technicians pay very close attention to detail. We pride ourselves on being timely, courteous, friendly, professional, and efficient (to name a few). It is safe to say that our reliability and services are second to none!

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How to Get Ready For Your Carpet Cleaning

  1. Prepare your carpet to be cleaned: Move any furniture on areas of carpet you would like to have cleaned, we will slide sofas, chairs, plants, tables, etc. We cannot move beds, china cabinets, any electronics and dressers. Remove breakables from the top of tables.
  2. Save us a parking space near your door.
  3. Use caution around the equipment we bring in; tripping and slipping may be a hazard.
  4. Tell us your every concern. Never be too shy to complain.

Drying Tips:   Before we arrive, keep the temperature about 70 degrees if possible. Air conditioners dehumidify the air. Turn on ceiling fans and box fans to circulate air.

48 Hour Cancellation Policy:   We know your time is valuable. If we are late, we’ll call ahead to let you know. We ask that you do the same for us. If you must cancel or reschedule, let us know within 48 hours or a cancellation fee of $25 will apply.

Please Note:   The estimated price given on the phone is merely an estimate. The prices mentioned on this site are subject to change. We will measure your area and give an exact price before we begin. The Standard Cleaning Package includes pre-vacuuming, all pre-spotting, a deodorizer and low moisture cleaning. If you’re interested in Carpet Protection, Pet Treatment, Allergen Relief Treatment and our other service offerings please ask your tech for more details.

Taking care of your carpets is a very important activity to do.  Not only can cleaning your carpets prolong the life of the carpet, but carpet cleaning can also improve the physical appearance of your home or office, and can remove dirt or allergens that could be inhibiting you, and others, from being as healthy as possible.  The carpet cleaning techniques that the staff at ProDry Floor Care provides, is an optimal way to clean your environment and restore your carpets to a like-new fashion.  We guarantee that you will be pleased with the end results.

Our highly-trained technicians use a methodical carpet cleaning process that involves carpet encapsulation and the use of a gentle, non-toxic carpet cleaning solution that ensures superior results.  Furthermore, our carpet cleaners are safe for all people and for all pets.  Our carpet cleaning machines use about 80% less water than the traditional steam cleaning machines do; therefore, your carpets will dry a lot quicker than you will expect them to.  This method limits the possibility of water remaining on your carpets for too long of a time, and will prevent mold or mildew from growing.  The carpet cleaning professionals at ProDry Floor Care have had wonderful results with our cleaning techniques and with our top-quality carpet cleaners.

At ProDry Floor Care, you will discover that we offer several different carpet cleaning packages.  You can be assured that we will work with you to find the best package for your home or office, and we will not sell you any carpet cleaning service that you do not need.

Our goal is to leave your environment with clean carpets that will improve your life and the comfort of your surroundings.  With ProDry Floor Care, you can expect integrity, honesty, and professionals that know your time is valuable, as is your home or business.  We work diligently to take care of all of our customers, and we welcome the chance to take care of all of your carpet cleaning needs.